About Us

Campa Capital Management is a dynamic firm, which builds on its experience with the domestic and international business environments.

Our goal is to offer sophisticated and clearly articulated solutions and services in the following areas: the acquisitions and sale of businesses, mergers, asset valuations, strategic management and investment consulting.

Some of the reasons why our clients seek us out are our enthusiasm, our high degree of professionalism and our experience working together as a team in providing services to clients both within and outside of the Czech Republic. All of our employees are professionals with the requisite levels of education and other qualifications.

We are a company with a strong business sense that is open to new challenges and opportunities.

We help our clients to pursue their goals and we are not afraid to guide them in the right direction. We are a reliable partner.

EACH OF OUR CLIENTS IS OF EQUAL IMPORTANCE - our clients are small, medium and larger sized businesses. We can also take on smaller projects with restricted budgets. Each of clients can always be assured that there project will get our full attention and we look to excel in everything we do. A small client today can well become a major client in the future.