Campa Capital Management provides comprehensive solutions as part of all of its services.

If you are thinking about selling your business or would like to know what it is worth,  about acquisition of a business,  if you are looking for a strategic partner, if you want to find out about your company´s strenghts and weaknesses or would like help in strategically positioning your business or if you would like to have your business move into a new Czech or CEE market or a new industry segment, we are here to help you accomplish your goal.

We are experienced appraisers of financial, business and real estate assets and our services include the preparation of expert valuations as well as more detailed and elaborate financial analyses and market studies and researches. We also work with our clients on strategic acquisitions, corporate restructurings and divestitures among other types of standalone projects.

We help our clients to seek out and identify new business opportunities. We help them mitigate potential business risks, map out the competition and project investment returns. We can also help our clients with simply investing funds they would like to put to work for them for a particular period of time, for a particular purpose, etc. Our job is to come up with the right concept and the right solution to achieve your desired results, to realize your investment objectives.

The portfolio of services that we offer is designed to support innovative and successful businesses and our goal is to help you to get ahead and to stay ahead of your competition.

Our highly productive, original and custom tailored approaches, our experience and expertise and our flexibility are just part of what we bring to the table to assist our clients achieve the results they are looking for.

Our clients include smaller, medium-sized and large businesses across all market segments and sectors. Clients seeking our services include domestic, foreign and multinational businesses.

EACH OF OUR CLIENTS IS OF EQUAL IMPORTANCE - our clients are small, medium and larger sized businesses. We can also take on smaller projects with restricted budgets. Each of clients can always be assured that there project will get our full attention and we look to excel in everything we do. A small client today can well become a major client in the future.