Strategic management

Having an updated strategic plan, a current SWOT analysis, appropriate financial analyses and market studies, etc. are important to the proper management of a business and the successful accomplishment of business objectives.

We view strategic management as a useful tool for the achievement of the long-term objectives of a business as well as for an assessment of the market positioning of a business out into the future. The strategic directions are an essential part of management and a key to the ability of any business to remain successful, achieve its long-term objectives and enter to new markets.

In the area of strategic planning, we offer the following types of services:

  • situational analyses, SWOT and STEER analyses
  • market analyses, competitive analyses and business trends analyses 
  • financial analyses, cash flow modeling, effectiveness analyses
  • feasibility studies
  • consulting in the area of strategic decision-making

The services that we can provide in this area are designed to thoroughly evaluate the current status of a business or of a market, understand and set out the desired objectives and then make sure appropriate analytical and support tools and processes are in place to accomplish these objectives.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this particular area or if you are looking for an independent point of view.

The services we provide in the area of strategic planning are closely tied in to other particular services we provide - i.e. mergers and acquisitions, sale of businesses, valuation of businesses, valuation of real estate, valuation of financial assets, expert appraisals and investment consulting.