Business valuations

Assessing the value of a given business can be needed by many different types of parties - an owner, an investor, a lender, a business partner, etc. The business valuation services available through Campa always conform to any applicable international standards and they are based on good knowledge of local market conditions.

In providing these services, we try to work with the client to carefully meet all of their needs and requirements. We can recommend and work with a valuation method that is targeted to precisely correspond to the needs of the given client and the purpose for which the valuation is being prepared. Once prepared, a business valuation can often meet numerous internal as well as external valuation needs.

Ouf firm provides the following different valuation-related services:

  • Valuation of an entire business or a part of a business.
  • Valuation of a minority or majority ownership interest.
  • Valuation for non-monetary-investment-related purpose.
  • Valuation of assets when changing the legal form of a business.
  • Valuation of a business´ assets and/or liabilities.
  • Expert appraisals for use in the transfer of assets between associated entities (transfer prices).
  • Expert appraisals of assets for liquidation, bankruptcy or settlement purposes.
  • Valuation for business financing and credit-related purposes.
  • Valuation to help assess other types of business partner commitments.
  • Valuation for various types of investment-related purposes.

When assessing the value of a business, we normally use the discounted cash flow (DCF) method, which, in comparison with other valuation approaches, is considered to have greater accuracy and predictive ability. This is because it works with the actual projected cash flows of the given business, rather than with just the income and expenses shown on accounting records. The DCF approach is built around the anticipated future income and expenses of the given business with the initial cash flow derived from financial statements.

Our company strictly adheres to the use of the latest international standards as applied to these types of valuations. Our in-house staff includes experienced appraisers, as well as court-appointed experts, with a wide range of areas of expertise.

Depending on the needs of our client, we normally assess both a market value and an investment value as part of our valuations. The general rule in selling a business is that the transaction only goes through if the seller has priced the entity at a value that makes it attractive to the buyer.

We can also provide the following specialized services in this particular valuation area:

  • strategic business valuations (strategic analyses)
  • corporate restructuring services
  • the sale of all or part of a business (business brokerage)
  • financial analyses
  • acquisition and divestiture-related valuations
  • real estate and financial asset valuations
  • strategic management and planning
  • SWOT, PEST, STEER and EPISTEL analyses
  • rate-of-return projections

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this particular area of if you are looking for an independent point of view.

The services we provide in the area of valuation are closely tied in to other particular services we provide - i.e. mergers and acquisitions, sale of businesses, strategic planning, analyses, cash flow modeling, feasibility studies and investment consulting.