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February 7, 2023
In response to the high demand we have been seeing for our services from our foreing clients, our firm would like to announce our intention of expanding and enhancing our relationships with foreing partners and the services we can provide our foreing clients who are interested in entering Czech market and the market in other parts of Central and Eastern Europe. We will bringing on board additional professionals who will be in charge of the seeking out and identifying investment and acquisition opportunities  as well as supporting to establish and run new business within the region of Central and Eastern Europe.


If you are interested in CURRENT LIST OF BUSINESSE
S AVAILABLE FOR SALE or if you HAVE A COMPANY OR BUSINESS TO SELL or if you are thinking about the POSSIBLE FUTURE SALE of your business, please contact us at tel. +420 224 326 326. You can also send us an email to or fill out the provided online form.

As a business broker, we look to provide buyers with both a good current operating business as well as a business that offers the opportunity for future growth and investment potential. Click here to obtain additional information on the sale of a business.

We also stand ready to assist buyers that have or might have a particular interest in acquiring a business now or in the future. Use the above-noted ways to contact us if you would like to take advantage of the extensive market knowledge and expertise of our professional staff in such an opportunistic fashion.